Best Black Ops Perks

click for black ops dominationIn this article, I will be revealing the best Black Ops perks that you can use to make the ultimate fighting class. In addition, you will find tables containing each perk's benefit as well as its pro benefit.

The truth is that the best Black Ops perks change depending on the gun that you are using. For example, Steady Aim can be great for a sub-machine gun, but if you are using a Rifle, you might not be shooting from the hip nearly as much.

As a result, I have organized a table of each of the Black Ops perks from each category. Beneath that, I have revealed the best Black Ops perks based on a variety of situations (gun, map, and skill-level).

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Perk Slot 1

Perk Name Description  Pro Ability 
Lightweight  Increases movement speed. Players take no damage from falling. 
Scavenger Allows you to pick up ammo from dead players. Doubles the ammo contained in your weapons (reserves - each clip still holds the same amount of ammo).
Ghost You do not show up on radar from a Spy Plane. You do not show up on radar from any plane (higher killstreak rewards) and cannot be tracked by anything (cameras, infrared gun sensors, etc). 
Flak Jacket Reduces damage taken by explosives. Reduces damage from fire (Napalm etc) and allows you to reset the fuse of grenades.
Hardline Reduces killstreak requirements by 1. Allows you to try to select a different random reward from care packages.

Perk Slot 1 is definitely the best and there are a lot of great abilities here, so picking the best Black Op perks is pretty tough. Really, a lot of the

  • Scavenger Pro is the best when Sniping (more ammo).
  • Ghost is great, but you need a silencer to make it completely effective. Only good for people who want to be on the front lines.
  • Lightweight is good for pros as it increases your movement speed so you can strafe better.

However, my favorite perk by far is Hardline. I think this is the best perk for the average player. Set your killstreaks to: RC-XD, Napalm Strike, and Valkyrie Rocket or Chopper Gunner as your third kill streak.

You can get 3 kills and then find a safe place to hide. Use the RC-XD and get a free kill from it. This will unlock Napalm. Use this and get 1-2 kills. This alone can often unlock Valkyrie Missiles, which can then net two more kills. This is an easy way to turn a 3-kill streak into an 8-kill streak.

Perk Slot 2

Perk Name Description  Pro Ability 
Hardened  Increases bullet penetration, allowing buildings to shoot through thin walls. Deal extra damage to aircraft and experience less kick-back from getting shot.
Scout Increases the amount of time you can hold your breath when aiming a Sniper Rifle. Reduces the delay when switching from primary to secondary weapons.
Steady Aim Increases accuracy whens hooting from the hip. Increases the speed from which you pull your weapon back out after sprinting. Increases recovery speed after a knife attack.
Sleight of Hand Faster reloading time. Increase the speed which you can aim, but does not work for scoped weapons.
Warlord Allows you to use two weapon attachments on your primary weapon. Gives you 1 extra grenade of each type. Does not grant an extra WILLY PETE (you should not use this anyway).

Perk Slot 2 also provides a lot of good perks to choose from, and the best Black Ops perks depend on your playstyle.

  • Snipers should pick Scout or Hardened, depending on how good your aim is. If you already have great aim, you can get away with using Hardened so you can kill people behind walls easier.
  • Sleight of Hand Pro is great for those using Assault Rifles who prefer to be on the front lines. You need fast eyes to take advantage of this.
  • Steady Aim is best when combined with Ghost and a Silencer. The silencer reduces your range; you can shoot from the hip with great accuracy at close range when using this feature.
  • Hardened is perfect for Assault Rifles - the reduced kickback from being shot allows you to take out players using submachine guns very easily.

Despite being really popular, I rarely use Warlord. It basically exists to allow you to use a silencer and a sight. However, if I am using a silencer, I prefer to shoot from the hip (since silencers reduce range as it is).

Perhaps it could work if you are using an unusual combination such as an Assault Rifle with a silencer, it could work.

Perk Slot 3

Perk Name Description  Pro Ability 
Tactical Mask Makes you immune to nerve gas. Reduces effect of all special grenades and highlights targets which have been stunned or flashed.
Marathon Increases duration you can sprint before getting tired. Allows you to sprint without resting forever.
Ninja Makes you nearly silent. Makes you completely silent (no walking or falling sounds)
Second Chance Allows you to pull your pistol out and requires the enemy shoot you an additional time as you make your last stand. Allows your teammates to revive you while you are on Second Chance. This maintains killstreaks.
Hacker Places a marker over claymores, cameras, and any other special player item. Allows you to capture enemy materials, sabotage care packages, and makes you invisible to motion sensors.

The Black Ops perks that make up slot 3 are not nearly as good as the previous two. For better or worse, that makes selecting the best Black Ops perks a lot easier!

  • If you are playing a team game, without a doubt Second Chance Pro is the best perk. There are so many times I have been revived on a long killstreak only to get a Chopper Gunner or another great killstreak reward and then gone on to win the game due to that reward.
  • Marathon is overrated; sprinting gets most players killed since it takes so long to pull your weapon after sprinting.
  • Hacker and Hacker Pro are not very good. Enemy teams rarely get Care Packages and are highly guarded. Also, I have earned way more kills while on Second Chance than I deaths I can save from disarming Claymores. I might die once to a Claymore or indirectly to a camera for every 10 times I kill someone while I am on Second Chance.
  • Ninja is worthless as well; most players are already listening to music in the background and shouting into their mics. They are not listening for footsteps.
  • Tactical Mask is okay; but not nearly as beneficial as Second Chance. You could always break it out if the enemy is routinely using nerve gas.

Best Black Ops Perks Conclusion

Now you know all the perks in Call of Duty: Black Ops. You can use the information here to create the perfect class. Just remember you should always use the p0erks and weapons that best support your playstyle.

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