Black Ops Strategy

click for black ops dominationIn this article, I will not only be revealing three of my favorite weapon and perk combos, but also the best Black Ops strategy to play them to rack up tons of kills. Between the three, you will be sure to find a class that you like.

Additionally, you can use all of these classes, depending on the map you are playing on. I routinely use all three, and my choice depends on the map and the enemies I am playing against.

Black Ops Strategy - Best Weapon and Perk Combos

Unless otherwise stated, most of these combinations are based on my experiences in team games, in particular team deathmatch. If you like to play FFA, all three can be used; I would pick one based on your playstyle.

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Combo #1 - The Balanced Build

Weapon: M-16 with Red Dot attachment (any assault rifle works)
Perk 1:
Perk 2:
Perk 3:
 Last Stand

Strengths: This is my favorite overall combo. I find that when playing with a set-up like this, I can not only get a lot of kills, but I also rarely die. It is perfect for larger maps and team games.

Weaknesses: This build suffers when it comes to charging buildings and rushing enemies' that are camped out. It does require some patience.

Strategy: The key way to play this set-up is to move slowly (you should almost never sprint) and focus on working a specific part of the map. Patience is key, as you want to slowly move from cover point to cover point (i.e. rocks, walls, buildings) as you look for players.

When you see someone that does not see you, kneel, aim, and shoot them. Usually a torso shot with the M16 will result in a kill and a headshot always will. This build rewards accurate players, so if your aim is good you can quickly rack up a lot of kills.

Another thing I like about this build and the M-16 in particular is that it only uses 3 bullets a shot, and you should be able to take out another player in 1-3 shots, depending on distance. As a result, your ammo goes a very long way. Completely automatic assault rifles run out of bullets very quickly if you are not careful.

I always pick last stand with this build because of the perk that lets other players revive you. When you get revived, your killstreak is maintained, which makes it a lot easier to get big rewards like the Chopper Gunner. When using a rifle, you generally should stick with your team, so your chances of getting revived are high.

Combo #2 - The Assassin

Weapon: AK47U with silencer attachment (or another submachine gun)
Perk 1:
Perk 2: Ghost
Perk 3:

Strengths: Really shines at small maps. Also works well versus highly-skilled players. You can get a lot of kills shooting from the hip. It is also a very exciting build because you are always moving

Weaknesses: Cannot shoot far due to submachine gun and silencer combo. You need to be close to reliably get kills. You will also die frequently; it is hard to rack up a large killstreak with this combo.

Strategy: This is an awesome set-up because you never show up on radar. It is downright amusing the amount of times you end up sneaking up behind another player (or even group of players). Since you have a silencer, you can shoot without a problem and frequently take out large groups of players who are facing away from you.

Your main strategy here is to flank the enemy team the best you can. You want to avoid your teammates. Your teammates will show up on radar so you want to stay as far away from them as you can. Try to head around the outskirts of the map the opposite direction from where your team is going.

This way, while the enemy is distracted fighting your team, you can come up from behind and often surprise an entire team of players. However, these players are then likely to spawn all around you, making it tough to stay alive for long.

That said, if you play it right you wind up with 2-3 kills for every death that you have. For this reason, I prefer to only break this out when I am playing against a good team. Versus a weaker team I will almost always opt for Combo #1.

Combo #3 - Bunker Buster

Weapon: Shotgun with grip attachment
Perk 1:
Perk 2:
 Steady aim
Perk 3:

Specials: Claymore, Frag Grenade, and Flash Bang.

Strengths: This combo was built for busting into crowded rooms and clearing out groups of campers and Snipers. It is also well-built to defend highly-trafficked buildings, particularly buildings that offer good vantage points for the level.

Works well on small maps with buildings (such as Nuketown).

Weaknesses: Absolutely no range. You can only fight in close-quarters combat. However, you can always grab an assault rifle as a secondary weapon from someone you kill.

Strategy: Now this build has a very particular use and a very particular Black Ops strategy. Notice that this is the only build which I specifically note that you will want to get a Claymore, Frag Grenade, and Flash Bangs as your specials. Here is how it all comes together:

When playing this build, your primary objective is to storm into rooms where the enemy is hiding out in. This works particularly well in rooms where players like to shoot out of the windows (i.e. buildings that you can see most of the level from).

What you will do is when you approach a room you know is full of people, you can cook a grenade, toss it in the room, immediately follow it with a flash bang, then charge in and start spraying with your shotgun.

Do not aim the shotgun. Shoot from the hip and strafe; if you are even half-way accurate with your frag grenade and flash bang it will be absolutely no problem to wipe out an entire room full of people.

The beauty of this build is that it works even when the enemy knows you are trying to break in. It is a great way to break boring stalemates where the enemy is refusing to engage in combat.

An assault rifle and submachine gun will not stand up to a shotgun being fired from the hip (i.e. not aiming), and when you stack a grip with steady aim, you have extremly high accuracy with a shotgun from a close range, resulting in many 1-hit kills. In short, it is a lot of fun to unload 8 shots from a semi-automatic and quickly take out a room full of people.

Once you take the room, it is almost guaranteed that your enemies will want to take it back. Set your Claymore by the entrance; this is not likely to net a kill but will let you know when someone is coming. Post up with your shotgun at a hidden point at the top of the steps or just behind the door frame and blast them as soon as they step in.

It is nearly impossible for someone with an assault rifle to take back a popular camping spot once you have control of it with a shotgun.

Black Ops Strategy Conclusion

These three builds all give you all the Black Ops strategy you need for dealing with any situation you may be placed in. Combo #1 is an all purpose-build that gives you the best chance for landing a large killstreak, Combo #2 is an easy way to get kills even against very tough opponents, and Combo #3 helps you flush out any campers to breathe life into a game that ends up in a stale-mate. 

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