Black Ops Tips

click for black ops dominationIn this article, I will be revealing the best Black Ops tips you can use to start getting more kills and wins right away in CoD. After all, the better you do, the more fun CoD is. After all, why wouldn't you want to get more kills, unlock awesome killstreak rewards, and otherwise dominate the opposition?

8 CoD Black Ops Tips for Crushing Your Opponents

Without further ado, here are my top 8 Black ops tips:

#1. Look at your radar, constantly.

The #1 thing that separates good and bad Black Ops players apart is the amount they rely on radar. Good players are always paying attention to their radar.

While some players do use the Ghost Perk and use a silencer, after awhile you can get in the habit of paying attention to blips in the radar without taking your eyes of the main screen.

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#2. Try to limit your exposure on radar.

As mentioned in the previously, good players are always monitoring the radar. Many newbies often forget that this includes players on the other team. You should strive to be hidden on your radar whenever possible.

If you sneak up on someone, knife them (no radar blips from knifing) rather than shoot them. If you only have 1 person around you at the time, feel free to fire away, as radar does not help the enemy much if they are really far away.

#3. Have a plan for when you do show up on radar.

Sometimes, you just cannot avoid showing up on radar. One of my best Black Ops tips is to have a plan when you do actually show up on radar. There are two situations when you are on radar: when you shoot someone and when the enemy has a spy plane.

If you shoot someone and you know other enemy players are around, you should aim to sprint away after you get your kill. If a Spy Plane is active, hang out in a place where you cannot be snuck up on from behind and camp until the Spy Plane wears off (or is shot down).

#4. Strafe or stand still; do not back up or move forward when shooting.

For whatever reason, I see many players in game like to keep inching forward or backpeddle when they are head to head with another player. This makes no sense, as moving interrupts your accuracy and moving forward or back does not help you evade the enemy's shots.

If you are going to move, moving from left to right or right to left while shooting makes you a lot more likely to dodge attacks and standing still makes your shots more accurate.

#5. Kneel and go prone when appropriate.

Certain guns such as Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns experience a significant reduction in kick-back (i.e. the movement of your cross-hair when shooting) when you are kneeling or prone. Sniper Rifles experience a significant reduction when kneeling and especially when prone as well.

If you are currently camped out and waiting for an enemy to come into your sights, kneeling will significantly increase your accuracy. However, you lose this bonus if you start moving. If you are moving while kneeling, you experience a significant increase in kickback, so try to either stand up and move or kneel and stay still.

#6. Lay off the sprint key.

I touched on this in the Black Ops Multiplayer article, but it is worth noting again in this Black Ops tips article. There is a delay in between coming out of a sprint and pulling out your weapon. This delay is often enough to get killed if you run up face to face with another enemy.

If you have to aim to shoot your gun accurately (Assault Rifle or Light Machine Gun) you are in a lot of trouble as the amount of time from sprinting to pulling out your weapon to then aiming is huge. A good player will already have killed you off at this point.

#7. Avoid open areas.

While it should seem like common sense, many players get bored and head to open areas to look for players to kill or even to cross the map. This is a bad idea. If you must cross the map, look for an underground exit or move along the borders of the map.

If you want to find players, it is a lot easier and more effective to hide on the outskirts of the center, open area and wait for an opponent to cross.

#8. Learn how to cook your grenades.

If you use Frag Grenades (you should), you nearly always want to "cook" them. This involves holding down the trigger for a few seconds before letting it go. This will start the explosion timer so that it will go off sooner after it is thrown.

The great thing about a cooked grenade is that when they are well-placed and you get the timing down, they cannot be countered. If you throw a cooked grenade at your enemy and it blows up as soon as it gets to them, they will die and there is nothing they can do about it.

Learn to bounce cooked grenades off walls and you will find there is no camped player that you will be unable to reach when using a cooked grenade.

Black Ops Tips Conclusion

By following these Black Ops tips and taking advantages of the techniques I have presented, you can immediately start playing better than 90% of the gamers that you will find in any online match-up. 

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