How to Get Better at CoD: Ghosts - A Strategy Guide

call of duty ghosts guideReady to improve your CoD: Ghosts game and start racking up more kills and less deaths? Then read on, as you are about to discover two very unconventional but very effecitve methods for getting better at Call of Duty: Ghosts.

The Knife Only Practice Drill

The first drill you should practice is one of the best ways to learn maps in CoD: Ghosts. I call it the "knife only practice drill". What you want to do is pick perks that support stealth and sprinting speed as well as killstreak rewards that help detect your opponents.

Once you have your set up in place, refrain from using your weapon. Instead, just sprint around the map and look for enemy players to knife. It is very important that you do not use your gun at all - rely entirely on the knife.

The purpose of this guide is to quickly and efficiently learn all of the maps in CoD: Ghosts. By refraining from using your gun, you will quickly discover the popular hiding and cover spots used by most players. You will learn all the ins and outs of each map very rapidly by using this strategy. By seeing first-hand where players tend to go and figuring out how to best surprise these players with a knife, when you actually start using your gun, you will find yourself incredibly effective.

In addition to helping you quickly learn maps, the knife only practice drill serves two other important functions. First, it allows you to master the knife, a very important tool used by top players but often underused by newbies. Additionally, it helps improve your ability to surprise opponents. It is difficult to get close enough to players to knife them, so you will have to strategize in order to be effective with this method.

How many times should you do this to know that the learning has sunk in? Use this tactic until you can achieve a positive kill:death ratio two times (just to make sure it is not a fluke) on each map before moving on. Once you achieve your positive K:D ratio twice, you can chalk up that particular map as mastered. Make sure you do this for each map for best results.

The Hip Fire Only Practice Drill

For the next part of this Call of Duty Ghosts guide, we will use a similar but no less effective exercise to improve another often overlooked part of your game: firing from the hip.

Firing from the hip is an important practice in CoD: Ghosts and this guide will teach you how to improve at this quickly. Firing from the hip just means shooting without aiming.

If you play on a console, it takes a fraction of a second to hold down the sights and reasonable shoot at an opponent. You often do not have time to aim whe you turn a corner and find a player right in your face.

Even with an assault or sniper rifle, you can somewhat accurately shoot from the hip - no aiming required. It takes some practice, but if you get good at this, you will find your ability to engage players in close quarters with traditionally long-ranged weapons will rapidly improve. A well-placed shot with an assault rifle can easily be a 1-hit kill while shooting from the hip.

Not only does the speed at which you can fire at an opponent make shooting from the hip effective, but your run speed also helps a lot. When holding down the sights, you move very slowly. This makes strafeing (i.e. moving side to side while shooting in order to make it harder for your opponent to hit you) not very effective while aiming. However, when shooting from the hip, you can move fast enough side to side to make it hard for your opponent to hit you.

While this CoD ghosts guide can be applied to all weapons, it is particular important for close-quarters weapons like submachine guns or shotguns. Shooting from the hip should be your defacto strategy for using and SMG or Shotgun. You should get most of your kills without actually aiming when using these weapons. Rely on your speed and strafeing. After all, if you are going to aim, you might as well be using an Assault Rifle, as Assault Rifles are just as deadly when aiming plus have a longer range and better accuracy.

So how does the drill work? Very similarly to the Knife Drill. Play games of CoD: Ghosts with your normal weapon, perk, and killstreak rewards without aiming at all. Instead, shoot entirely from the hip in order to take down your opponents.

Rather than judging progress by map, in order to pass the shoot from the hip test, we will go by kill:death ratio. Try to get a kill:death ratio of 2.0 or better in games where you have 10 or more kills five times in a row to consider yourself having mastered this technique. In other words, you will need 10 kills and 5 deaths or less in 5 different matches. This might take awhile to do, but once you get this good, you will find yourself so much more effective at close-quarters combat in CoD: Ghosts.

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